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Aug 17, 2018

There is a fair amount of whine in this podcast. Nicole can’t get into Circe, Gayle is tired of sociopath husbands. Are all of the books victim porn or female revenge fantasies? There a lot of bad man books. Gayle’s big book purge. We briefly revisit Gayle’s love of inappropriate relationships. Also, all the...

Aug 10, 2018

Books stolen on the airplane. Gayle didn’t bring enough to read in Vegas. Kindle, Overdrive, Netgalley, Edelweiss. Books and mood. Nicole read a romance novel and it was (surprise!) a romance novel.

Books Discussed in This Podcast
The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine
Everything Here is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee

Aug 2, 2018

Gayle and Nicole discuss their recents reads and a few books they are looking forward to that are coming out in August or that have just been released. Gayle discussing switching from an audio to a print version of a particular book and why she likes it better.

Books Discussed In This Podcast
Everything Here Is Beautiful...

Jul 26, 2018

Gayle is back from vacation. Gayle updates Nicole on whether Nicole predictions about her reading proved correct. As it turns out, they've now both read That Kind of Mother and The Woman in the Window. Discussion ensues.

Books Discussed in This Podcast
How To Walk Away
by Katherine Center
The Book of Essie by Meghan...

Jul 19, 2018

Gayle is still on vacation, but before she left Gayle & Nicole took a minute to discuss some of the books we're looking forward to reading or are recommending for July.

Books Discussed in this Podcast
The Submission by Amy Waldman
Look Alive Out There: Essays by Sloane Crosley
Rough Beauty by Karen Auvinen
Florida by...